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album: "Chaos Sound" (2016)
Chaos Sound
Visions Of Greed
Bomb Blast
EP: "Who's In Control?" (2000)
1. Who's In Control?
2. 4Q
3. Way Of Life
4. Up The punx
album: "Stay Out Of Order" (2000)
1. No Way Out
2. Proud To Be Punk
3. Street Punk
4. Fight For Your Life
5. Time To Think
6. Violence
7. Same Fucking Song
8. Just Another Lie
9. Authority Is Dead
10. Preachers
11. Way Of Life
12. Society's Fodder
13. Dead Cities / Hidden Track
EP: "A Fucking Way Of Life" (1995)
1. Politicians
2. Casualties
3. Two Faced
4. Fuck You All
other songs:
25 Years Too Late
40 Ounce Casualty
Bored And Glued
Destruction And Hate / Original Version
Drinking Is Our Way Of Life
Kill The Hippies
No Life
Oi! Song
On The Streets
Rebel / from "Punx Unite: Leaders Of Today" Compilation
Rock And Roll Kids
The Jorge Song
Two Faced / Original Version
Ugly Bastards / Original Version

Hardcore punk
Street punk
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