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single: "Singularity" (2011)
1. Singularity
2. In The Real World
split EP: "One Jug Of Wine, Two Vessels (Bright Eyes/Neva Dinova)" (2004)
1. Black Comedy
2. I'll Be You Friend
3. Spring Cleaning
4. Happy Accident / Reissue Only
5. I Know You / Reissue Only
EP: "There Is No Beginning To The Story" (2002)
1. From A Balance Beam
2. Messenger Bird's Song
3. We Are Free Men
4. Loose Leaves
5. Amy In The White Coat / Vinyl Only
6. Out On The Weekend / Vinyl Only
split EP: "Bright Eyes/Squadcar 96" (1997)
1. Racing Towards The New
2. Go Find Yourself A Dry Place

Indie rock
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