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mixtape: "Bangers" (2013)
1. Skeletons
2. Riot
3. Mistakes
album: "Hell Is What You Make It" (2011)
1. Rebirth: An Introduction
2. Wooly
3. Blackout
4. Edge Of Heaven
5. Last Night (Vegas)
6. Sweat It Out
7. Gone So Long
8. They Say You Won't Come Back
9. Get Off Easy
10. Waiting
11. Take It Back
12. Chemicals
13. Lauren's Song
14. Hit And Run / Reissue Bonus Track
15. Reaching For The Floor / Reissue Bonus Track
16. Last Night (Vegas) / "Reloaded" Version
album: "It's Classy, Not Classic" (2008)
1. The Introduction
2. No Vacancy
3. Show Me Yours
4. The Birds And The Bees
5. Classified
6. Gossip
7. That's Classy
8. Diamonds
9. You Wish (Interlude)
10. Lovely
11. Put Some Clothes On
other songs:
Anywhere But Home
Billie Jean / from "Punk Goes Pop 5" Compilation
Don't Forget: Lock The Doors
Down / from "Punk Goes Pop 3" Compilation
Find Someone
Mile High Christmas / from "'Tis the Season to Be Fearless" Compilation
See You Again / from "Punk Goes Pop 2" Compilation
Snowed In
With Or Without You

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