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album: "The Philosophy Of Velocity" (2006)
1. On Safe-Cracking And Rubella
2. Crime (And The Antique Solution)
3. You Never Know
4. The Vapours
5. Cameo
6. Candles (Cast Long Shadows)
7. Au, Revoir, Mr. Mercury
8. Captain Mainwaring
9. A Year In Heaven
10. The Remarkable Cholmondley Chute System
11. Breathe
12. Strange Days
album: "A Hostage And The Meaning Of Life" (2004)
1. A Hostage
2. The Novemberist
3. I.O
4. Escape
5. We
6. Iconoclast
7. Zentropa
8. Fall Into
9. Metropol
10. Aventine
11. Form And Function / Instrumental
12. Fatale And Futique
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Wrapped Around Your Finger / from "Punk Goes 80's" Compilation

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