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album: "From This Beauty Comes Chaos And Mayhem" (2005)
1. One Solution
2. Call To Action
3. Pro-Life Murders
4. Beautifully Disastrous
5. The First Thing I Learned
6. Mr. Capitalist
7. Enemy
8. My Declaration As An Internationalist
album: "Destruction Sound System" (2003)
1. Infighting And Bickering
2. Sk8 And Destroy
3. Rock N Roll Revolution
4. Enemy
5. Foot In The Grave
6. Your Comfort Is Killing Me
7. Fun
8. Backlash
9. Consumer Riot
10. Millions Strong
11. Revolution Radio
12. Never Hurt To Try
13. Tomorrow's Generation
14. Red Streets
15. From The Front
16. Breathe
album: "One Revolution Per Minute" (2002)
1. One Lie
2. Something You Can't Take Away
3. A Foreign Policy Soaked In Blood
4. Love Triangle
5. Just Like You
6. Luck Is No Lady
7. Burn Baby Burn
8. Dyno-Mite

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