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EP: "Death And Taxes" (2003)
1. You Do The Science
2. On Three
3. Circa 1991
4. In The Pills
5. Ain't No Trip To Cleveland
6. In A Word
EP: "Trying To Figure Each Other Out" (2000)
1. Sic Transit Gloria (Glory Fades)
2. 12th & Middle
3. Leaving Ohio
4. Boys Lie
5. Grace Thinks I'm A Failure
6. Bricks And Windows
album: "Letterbox" (1998)
1. Round 13
2. Blindspot
3. Words For You
4. Still Life
5. Days End
6. Nineveh
7. Strand
9. January
10. Glutton For Tragedy
other songs:
Dead Animal / from "Brandtson/Camber/Seven Storey" Split EP
King Of Pain / from "Policia: A Tribute To The Police" Compilation
Little Birds And Spiders / from "Take Action Vol. 4" Compilation

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