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album: "The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me" (2006)
1. Sowing Season
2. Millstone
3. Jesus
4. Degausser
5. Limousine
6. You Won't Know
7. Welcome To Bangkok
8. Not The Sun
9. Luca
10. Untitled
11. The Archer's Bows Have Broken
12. Handcuffs
13. Luca (Reprise) / UK Bonus Track
split EP: "Brand New/Safety In Numbers" (2002)
1. Moshi Moshi
2. Am I Wrong
other songs:
Brothers / from "Jesus" Single
Car / from "The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows" Single
Coca-Cola / from "Sowing Season" Single
Flying At Tree Level (Version 1.0)
Fork And Knife / Re-recorded Version of "Untitled 7" from "Fight Off Your Demons" Leaked Demos
Millstone / Alternate Version from "Jesus" Single
My Nine Rides Shotgun
Oh Comely
Oh Holy Night
Out Of Range
Sealed To Me
The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot / Demo
Two-Headed Boy Pt. 2
Untitled 1 (Found A Good Man)
Untitled 2 (Morrissey Song)
Untitled 4
Untitled 5 (Cleanser)
Untitled 8 (Sowing Season)
Untitled 9 (The Edge Takes Over For Vin)

Alternative rock
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