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album: "Weapons Of The Weak" (2010)
1. It Won't Be Drawn
2. To You, The Answer Is No
3. Coming To Terms
4. Slash And Burn
5. T.I.N.A.
6. One Track Mind
7. Ask A Question
8. Scream When You Burn / Instrumental
9. (This Is) The Dead End
10. City Of Transgression
11. Keep Your Delusion Alive
12. Pointing Fingers
13. Merch Moralia
14. Internalized
15. To This Day
16. Bright Lights, Dirty Dubs / Instrumental
split EP: "Civil War/Braindead" (2006)
1. Ain't No Fuckin' Picnic
2. Follow The Herd
3. I Wanna Destruct
4. Turn Off The TV
demo: "Braindead" (2005)
1. Smoking Class
2. Media
3. Are We Guilty?
4. Ask A Question

Punk rock
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