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album: "Secrets" (2013)
1. Set It All Free / Instrumental
2. The Enemy You Need
3. Not Enough
4. Secrets
5. Destroy Your Masquerade
6. Revolution
7. Let Go
8. C'est La Vie
9. No Apologies
10. Operating Table
11. Wherever It Goes
EP: "The Black Rose" (2011)
1. Killing Me
2. Figure Out A Way
3. One Chance
4. Ghost
5. Turn Around
album: "The Test" (2007)
1. The Test
2. It's Not Goodbye, It's Just Goodnight
3. War Within
4. Pink House
5. Be Careful What You Wish For
6. The Syosset Polka
7. Rumination
8. Dead And Breathing
9. F.A.K.E.
10. Sincerely, Bill Phillips
11. Risk: The Game
album: "Drop Down" (2005)
From Here On In
Haunted Dreams

Pop rock
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