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EP: "Wolves" (2014)
1. Wolves
2. Liars
3. Pieces
4. Hold On
5. Chains
album: "Start The Party" (2013)
1. Start The Party
2. Radio
3. We Live On
4. Let Me Go
5. Take Away The Misery
6. Keep Singing
7. Running Scared
8. You
9. Free Yourself
10. Sleep When You're Dead
11. Throw It All Away
12. Boom Shake The Room / Bonus Track
13. Super Freak / Bonus Track
14. Sorry For Party Rocking / Bonus Track
other songs:
Go Burn City Hall To The Ground / from "Pull No Punches" Demo
My Generation / from Kerrang! "Higher Voltage: Another Brief History Of Rock" Compilation
Wild Nights And Fist Fights / from "Pull No Punches" Demo

Alternative rock
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