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album: "Slip It In" (1984)
1. Slip It In
2. Black Coffee
3. Wound Up
4. Rat's Eyes
5. Obliteration / Instrumental
6. The Bars
7. My Ghetto
8. You're Not Evil
album: "Family Man" (1984)
1. Family Man
2. Salt On A Slug
3. Hollywood Diary
4. Let Your Fingers Do The Walking
5. Shed Reading (Rattus Norvegicus)
6. No Deposit - No Return
7. Armageddon Man
8. Long Lost Dog Of It / Instrumental
9. I Won't Stick Any Of You Unless And Until I Can Stick All Of You! / Instrumental
10. Account For What? / Instrumental
11. The Pups Are Doggin' It / Instrumental
EP: "Nervous Breakdown" (1978)
1. Nervous Breakdown
2. Fix Me
3. I've Had It
4. Wasted
other songs:
American Waste
Clocked In
Damaged I / Louie, Louie 7" Version
I Don't Care
I've Heard It Before
Louie, Louie
Yes, I Know / from "The Complete 1982 Demos Plus More"

Hardcore punk
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