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album: "Until The End" (1996)
1. In Our Hands
2. Has-Been
3. Why Is She In Pain?
4. Go Back To The Gym
5. That'll Never Be Me
6. Never Forget
7. Say It
8. In The Dirt
9. Move On
10. The Factory
11. Until The End
12. Young 'Til I Die
album: "Only The Diehard Remain" (1994)
1. Left Behind
2. Trap
3. Empty Room
4. Unwound
5. Success Story
6. Choke
7. Last Dance
8. To Hold
9. No Right
10. Only The Diehard Remain
11. We're Gonna Fight
EP: "We Won't Fall" (1993)
1. I Won't Fall
2. Overcome
3. Fury
4. Shattered Stone
5. Fading
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Whatever It Takes

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