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EP: "New Era Hope Colony" (2012)
1. The Crevasse
2. Safeguard The Children
3. Vostok Welcoming Party
4. Plenary Keynote Address (6th Congress)
5. New Era Hope Colony
6. Sensations Fix
7. Re: The Procyon Incident
8. Notes From The Icy Chrysalis
9. Today
album: "The Complete Unfinished Works Of The Young Tigers" (2007)
1. Fanfare For The Young Tigers
2. Year Zero
3. Bring Us The Head Of Marco Werman
4. Boiling At The Gates
5. Body Of The King
6. Fear Not The Lions
7. Be Seeing You At Camp Delta
8. Ancient Promise To The Young Tigers
9. Pulgasari
10. Baader Brains

Hardcore punk
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