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album: "Lost Remedies" (2013)
1. The Introduction Pt. 2 / Instrumental
2. Equally Diseased
3. Picking Up The Pieces
4. Panic State
5. Let Us Remember
6. Lost Remedy / Instrumental
7. Watch The World Burn
8. Banshee
9. Ancient Roads
10. Withering Away
11. When We're Dead
12. Take This To Your Grave
13. Well Wish / Instrumental
14. Fallacy Of Ruin
album: "Melodies For A Massacre" (2007)
1. The Introduction
2. Twelve Year Sentence
3. Don't Listen Now
4. EliMyNation
5. Born In A Grave
6. Follow The Prisoner
7. Freedom Is For The Dead
8. Our Generation
9. Bay Of Pigs
10. Streets Laced With Hate
11. Melody For A Massacre
12. Apocalypse
13. Blood Within
14. Insanity

Ska punk
Crack rock steady
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