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album: "Daybreaker" (2012)
1. The Bitter End
2. Alpha Omega
3. These Colours Don't Run
4. Daybreak
5. Truth, Be Told
6. Even If You Win, You're Still A Rat
7. Outsider Heart
8. Behind The Throne
9. Devil's Island
10. Feather Of Lead
11. Unbeliever
12. Cracks In The Earth / Bonus Track
13. Rise Against / Bonus Track
14. Untitled / Bonus Track
15. Black Blood / Reissue Bonus Track
16. Blood BankĀ  / Reissue Bonus Track
17. Of Dust And Nations / Reissue Bonus Track
album: "Ruin" (2007)
1. Buried At Sea
2. Hunt Them Down
3. You'll Find Safety
4. Always
5. Sail This Ship Alone / Instrumental
6. Heartless
7. North Lane
8. I Can't See The Light
9. Low
10. Running From The Sun
11. Save Me
other songs:
Broken Clocks
Officer Down

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