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album: "The Apers" (2001)
1. It's Ok To Hate Me
2. Sunshine
3. Eyes Open Wide
4. Only The Grim Reaper
5. Little Lost Girl
6. Evi
7. The Kids Are Out Tonight
8. Giving Up / Caving In
9. Always Have And Always Will
10. Beauty Queen
11. Don't You Cry Over It
12. One Million Love Songs (This One's For You)
EP: "For You And Your Loser Buddies" (2000)
1. You Think You're So Damn Funny
2. Drama Queen (Of The Local Scene)
3. Kryptonite
EP: "Love Is A Battlefield... And We're The Stormtroopers" (1998)
1. I've Fallen
2. Lousy Day
3. I Hate Guys With Girlfriends
4. I Don't Like My Girlfriend Anymore
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Crazy Cows

Punk rock
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