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album: "Scandinavian Jawbreaker" (1993)
1. Braincell Battle
2. Only In Dreams
3. Dogfight
3. Hatred
5. Scandinavian Jawbreaker Part I
6. Scandinavian Jawbreaker Part II
7. New Blood
8. Pain (U Bring Me)
9. Of Ice
10. Heading For Hell
11. Rust Never Sleep
12. Nailbiter
EP: "Criminal Trap" (1986)
1. Prelude E-Minor
2. Criminal Trap
3. Time To?
4. Make My Day
5. Smell Of Silence
6. Painkiller
7. Set Me Free
EP: "Victims Of A Bombraid" (1984)
1. Desperate Hours
2. Game Of The Arseholes
3. Victims Of A Bombraid
4. Set Me Free
EP: "Raped Ass" (1983)
1. When The Innocent Die
2. Warmachine
3. Total Silence
4. Cries Of Pain
5. Raped Ass
EP: "Anarkist Attack" (1982)
1. Svaveldioxid
2. Heroindöd
3. Drömmusik
4. Anti Cimex
other songs:
Daughters Of Pride

Hardcore punk
Crust punk
Crossover thrash
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