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split: "Pure Punk Noise (Resilience/The Angst)" (2010)
7. Screaming For Mercy
8. Pure Punk Noise
9. Ignorant Mentality
10. Hunger For Power
11. Political Poverty
12. Our Revenge
split: "Deadly Dose/Dosis Mortal (Acidez/The Angst)" (2010)
1. Cerebral Assassin
2. Deadly Dose
3. Acquisitive Man
4. Claim Their Size
5. Powerless And Deceived
6. S.F.F.S.
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album: "Take A Look Around" (2008)
1. Army
2. Harassed
3. Insanity
4. Moron Society
5. Chaos
6. No Justice
7. Enemy
8. Rotten Youth
9. Dead And Gone
10. No Turning Back
11. Take A Look Around
12. We Got Your Back
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United Not Divided

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