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album: "Sons Of Spartacus" (2002)
Safe Haven
Bandiera Rossa
album: "Power Of The Press" (1986)
1. I Stand Accused
2. Nottingham Slag
3. Joe Where Are You Now?
4. Soldier
5. Empty Street
6. Brighton Bomb
7. Power Of The Press
8. Stab In The Back
9. Here I Come
10. Thin Red Line
11. I'd Kill Her For Sixpence
12. Greenfields Of France
album: "Still From The Heart" (1982)
Never Say Die
I Stand Accused
album: "2,000,000 Voices" (1981)
1. Two Million Voices
2. Ghost Town
3. You're Nicked
4. England
5. Heath's Lament
6. Guns For The Afghan Rebels
7. I Understand
8. Mensi's Marauders
9. Mr. Politician
10. Kids On The Street
11. Jimmy
12. We're Gonna Take The World
13. Last Night Another Soldier
14. I Wish
album: "We Gotta Get Out Of This Place" (1980)
1. Never 'Ad Nothing
2. Police Oppression
3. Lonely Man Of Spandau
4. Their Destiny Is Coming
5. Shotgun Solution
6. King Coal
7. Out Of Control
8. Ronnie Is A Rocker
9. Listen To The Steps
10. Can't Kill A Legend
11. Capital City
12. We Gotta Get Out Of This Place
album: "Teenage Warning" (1979)
1. Teenage Warning
2. Student Power
3. The Young Ones
4. Never Again
5. We Are The People
6. The Murder Of Liddle Towers
7. I'm An Upstart
8. Small Town Small Mind
9. Youth Leader
10. Do Anything
11. Let's Speed
12. Leave Me Alone
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Stick's Diary
White Riot

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