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album: "Blood & Lemonade" (2014)
1. Armageddon Days
2. Golden State
3. Wake Up
4. Coma
5. Allison
6. Amnesia
7. Killing Time
8. Carry The Sorrow
9. Portland
10. No Ordinary Life
album: "American Hi-Fi" (2001)
1. Surround
2. Flavor Of The Week
3. A Bigger Mood
4. Safer On The Outside
5. I'm A Fool
6. Hi-Fi Killer
7. Blue Day
8. My Only Enemy
9. Don't Wait For The Sun
10. Another Perfect Day
11. Scar
12. What About Today
13. Wall Of Sound
14. Black Satellite / Japanese Bonus Track
15. Still Sideways / Japanese Bonus Track
other songs:
Dead On The Inside / "Hearts On Parade" B-Side
My Soul To Lose / from "The Geeks Get The Girls" Single
The Rescue / from "Sound of Superman" Compilation
Vertigo / "American Pie 2" Soundtrack
We're Gonna Find A Way / "Hearts On Parade" B-Side

Alternative rock
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