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album: "Truth In Sincerity" (2007)
1. Rule #76
2. Summer (In B)
3. Temporary
4. You're Only Young Once
5. Living Proof
6. Follow Your Dreams And Forget The Scene
7. Take Me From This Place
8. Fall Back Into My Life
9. We Think We're Hardcore, Cause Well, We Are / Instrumental
10. Runaway
11. Watching Over Me
12. Dear___ This Has Always Been About Standing Up For What You Believe In
EP: "Fading Days" (2004)
1. Thoughts Before Me
2. Always You
3. The Last Time
4. Letters Of Regret
5. Here We Stand
other songs:
Leaving What You Wanted / from "Hopelessly Devoted To You Vol.5" Compilation
So Yesterday
The Light In The Dark
Video Killed The Radio Star / from "Punk Goes 80's" Compilation

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