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split EP: "Against All Authority/Common Rider" (2005)
1. Lied To
2. War Machine Breakdown
3. Barricades
4. World Dominator
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split EP: "Exchange (Against All Authority/The Criminals)" (1999)
1. The Bottle's Lookin' Better
2. WWYD?
3. I Want To Stab You With Something Rusty
4. Wet Foot Policy
album: "Destroy What Destroys You" (1996)
1. Life Style of Rebellion
2. No Reason
3. Conditioning
4. Freedom
5. Destroy What Destroys You
6. It Really Sucks When
7. Bloodclot / Instrumental
8. Another Fuck You Song
9. 30 Second Song
10. Kickin The Dog
11. Sounds Of The Underground
12. Osuchowsk Is On The Loose / Instrumental
13. Walking Revolution
14. Disobey
15. Chelsea Baby
16. The Corporate Takeover
17. Hard As Fuck
18. Centerfold
19. We Won't Submit
20. Above The Law
21. Under Your Authority
22. Court 22

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