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album: "All The Young Droogs" (2012)
All The Young Droogs
Give It To Me Baby
Love Lies Bleeding
album: "Life Goes On" (2009)
1. Spank Me Baby
2. I Love You But Don't Come Near Me
3. Reaky Deaky Boys And Girls
4. I'm Not Scared Of You
5. Over There
6. The Whole Worlds Gone Mad
7. Gangster
8. We Ain't Got A Say
9. Full Circle
10. Mr. Dice Man
11. Tune In, Turn On, Drop Out
12. Mr. Hard
13. Life Goes On
album: "Smart Alex" (1985)
1. Ode To Joy
2. Smart Alex
3. Troubadour
4. Tokyo
5. California
6. Crazy
7. Bad Boy
8. Jelly Babies
9. Maybe, Maybe Not
10. Rockin' Wrecker
11. Runaway
12. You're All Fools

Punk rock
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