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album: "Phantoms" (2005)
1. Take Cover
2. So Contagious
3. In Too Far
4. The Letter
5. Different
6. Ad Astra Per Aspera / Instrumental
7. This Conversation Is Over
8. Over You
9. Breathless
10. In The Cold
11. Permanent
12. Glory/Us
EP: "Black Lines To Battlefields" (2003)
1. Permanent
2. Seeing Is Believing
3. Bleeding Heart
4. Black Lines To Battlefields
5. Hold On
6. This Is Only A Test / Live
7. Re-Run / Live
EP: "Lost For Words" (2002)
1. I Believe
2. Things You Say
3. Black And White
4. December
5. Torn Inside
6. Compromise
other songs:
Happy Xmas (War Is Over) / from "A Santa Cause" Compilation
Not Afraid

Alternative rock
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