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album: "Fast Times At Barrington High" (2008)
1. About A Girl
2. Summer Hair = Forever Young
3. His Girl Friday
4. The Test
5. Rumored Nights
6. Automatic Eyes
7. Crowded Room
8. Coppertone
9. After The Last Midtown Show
10. Beware! Cougar!
11. Paper Chase
12. One More Weekend
13. Every Burden Has A Version / iTunes Bonus Track
14. Sodium / iTunes Bonus Track
15. Tokyo Bay / Limited Edition Vinyl Bonus Track
EP: "The Academy" (2004)
1. The Proverbial Unrest / Instrumental
2. The Author
3. Judas Kiss
4. In Our Defense
5. Dear Interceptor
6. Absolution
other songs:
40 Steps / "Santi" B-Side
Fox On The Run / "When in Rome" Soundtrack
Ghost / "Santi" B-Side
Mayonnaise / from MySpace Smashing Pumpkins Tribute
Memento Mori
Superman / from "Sound of Superman" Compilation
Toasted Skin / "Santi" B-Side
Winter Passing

Pop rock
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