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album: "How Ace Are Buildings?" (1997)
1. Turn It Up
2. Foghorn
3. Cheeky Monkey
4. No.1
5. Bad Idea
6. Sing-A-Long
7. Winter of '96
8. Out of Tune
9. Fistral
10. House Under The Ground
11. Five In The Morning
12. Ender
other songs:
8 Fingers
Almost Everything Is Great
Broken Island / from "Better Off With Him" UK Single
Coming Around / from "Starbucks" Single
Everybody In
For Starters (Alternate Version) / from "Summer On The Underground" Single
French Kiss / from "Rush Song" Single
Full Pelt / from "Good Time" Single
Get Out More / from "Rush Song" Single
Getting Me Off
Good Idea
Good Time
Have The Night / from "Rush Song" Single
Human Condition / from "Something's Going On" Single
I Cant Wait Until The Morning
I Wonder / from "Better Off With Him" Single
I'm Over It
Just Like Paradise / from "Something's Going On" Single
Last Girl
Look What You Made Me Do
Monkey Kong Jr / from "I Love Lake Tahoe" Single
Monterey / from "Starbucks" Single
One Day
Owner Of A Lonely Heart
Photo Finger
Rock / from "Something's Going On" Single
She Said
Some People / from "Starbucks" Single
Sorry But... / from "Something's Going On" Single
T-Shirt Money
The One / from "Rush Song" Single
Turn It Down
We're Equal

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