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album: "Concrete" (1981)
1. So Greedy
2. Lil' Red Riding Hood
3. Break It Up
4. Taboo
5. Mercy Mercy
6. Fortune Teller
7. Obsessed
8. Silent Anger
9. That's The Way It Goes
10. Bongos On The Nile
11. Don't You Know I Need You
12. Public Enemy, No. 1
album: "The Biggest Prize In Sport" (1980)
1. Boys In The Gang
2. Inside Out
3. Trouble
4. So Long
5. Fun Thing
6. Biggest Prize In Sport
7. Hollywood
8. Stranger
9. Stop! Stop!
10. English Wipeout
11. Shake
12. Boiler
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Crazy / from "Hope & Anchor Front Row Festival" Compilation
My Streets Stinks
Nasty Nasty
Quite Dissapointing

Punk rock
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